Fetish is my whole life: my job, my creativity and my pleasure. I’ve come to accept that I am naturally dominant and try not to make it too complex. Kink is supposed to be fun and that’s exactly what I want from it.

My approach to BDSM is maybe a bit different, as I try to earn the respect and trust from my subs. I honestly think that this is something the Dom has to earn. It's certainly doesn’t come from putting on my boots and cap on. Before I start a session I always make sure to listen to the needs of my sub their likes, dislikes and most importantly their limits. This is specially for new kinksters I feel it’s my duty as a master to be trustworthy so I can help them develop themselves as well as remaining safe and happy within the BDSM scene. I’ve found this can also help subs develop outside of the

playroom. Mentorship is a big part of my reward, I love nothing more than seeing a sub grow because they feel they are in a safe place even when it comes to punishments.

BDSM is a hunt for pleasure between well informed and consenting people and requires intelligence to be done correctly. Therefore, it’s my mission to show others that we aren’t (all) dangerous or unreasonable people. In the dungeon I’m really in my element and let my 20 years of experience along with my creativity, taking the lead to make sure my subs enjoy the journey as much as I do.


My fetish journey started back when I was a teenager, since then its grown to be a big part of my life.  I’m kinky, imaginative and naturally dominant. My whole life I’ve been a hard worker which is the reason why I am the proud founder and owner of 

Addikt 100% fetish.

BORN IN 1976

135 KG Before 2019

194 /6'4 - Shoe: 45/12

100 Kg Since 2019

After my education in the medical field and receiving my diploma, I left Belgium for Switzerland working there until 2017.  Having a medical background is of course a nice security net but also benefits medical play and safety concern in BDSM practices.

2011 I opened "The playroom" - a dungeon which was also rented out to private clients, during this time I launched my first fetish store. In 2017 I moved to Brussels and opened a new fetish store, moving my play space. I had hoped to be happy in my home country again, unfortunately Belgium was extremely disappointing and towards the end of 2018 I moved to the UK, first in London, then to Manchester.

However the COVID pandemic meant I had change my plans. Physical stores didn’t work out well anymore due to lockdown restrictions and falling footfall, to overcome I focused on the online store and regrettably I had to close down my fetish stores. During my spare time I had the opportunity to set up a new dungeon in Manchester. Also I’ve been working on a new brand and designing new gear for the fetish market.