Since 2011 I have decided to transform my passion and kink into my work. 
As  I do photography since I'm 17 yo I acquired an esthetic eye and I started to create and remodeled old buildings designing living spaces and it lead me in 2011 to create my first play space also called playroom or dungeon.

Pretty quickly I decided to control the quality of what I was selling and I start producing my own gears. Years after years, I increased the quality and created partnership. Today all the leather and fabrics gears are made in y own  workshop, we start producing neoprene items and some toys. the next level is to make our own latex items. Will come in the future for sure.



Kinky-Zone is the first store I created. It stared with a shop in a basement of a huge complex in Switzerland and was linked with a playroom on the upper level. In 2017 the store moved to a new location in the old part of the city. In an old building with a really nice architecture. The new space was incredible, the basement  with a curved ceiling was perfect for the playroom and the store was  beautiful with

antique beams and marble floors. I decided to create a nice facade so I contacted the Tom of Finland foundation and they accepted to allow us to use some arts to dress up our windows.


Opened end of 2017 in Brussels, in the gay street, at 50 meters far from The Grande Place, Addikt became the reference store for a lot of kinksters. 

Addikt partnered quickly with the local scene and the products were used for the dancers of La Demence and La Revelation, Famous gay parties attracting a lot of people in Brussels.

 www.addiktfetish. com


In 2020 Adddikt moved to a new location. Still in the gay street but with a more pleasant neighborhood. I wanted to present gears and toys for men and for women in the same store and this space was actually perfect for that.  So end of 2019 I closed Addikt and reopened Addikt/Obsessed in the new location that I entirely refurbished. Unfortunately Covid19 happened.


Moving from Switzerland and opening the store in Brussels end of 2017 I also set up the playroom there. As the flat I was renting was so big I had the chance to put my equipment in the underfloor of the triplex. In 2019 I moved to United Kingdom so I moved everything to the UK. You can discover the actual space in the other section of the site.



I started in 2011. I wanted to get the kink out of my house as me and my partner had different libido. So with the idea to be able to host visitors coming from far away without invading the personal space of my boyfriend I found a nice space and start equipping it.

The playroom was born. I allow people to rent it too, thinking that a space like this could actually offer a nice and safe space for BDSM practices. I used it for 5 years without any problem till I found an incredible space that I decided to buy.


In 2017 The playroom moved  into this amazing space with the old tile on the floor, the stone walls and the curved ceiling, this medieval kind of basement that was just perfect as a dungeon. 



United Kingdom​

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