Neoprene is tight, really tight, the feeling on the skin is really 
amazing. And it's keeping warm, so it's the perfect material to go outside when it's cold. I like zentai suits, I own some spiderman one,  also removing my identity and becoming something else...

Vinyl is a super shiny and horny material I love for sportswear. 
Tracksuits are amazing like this.

Leather & Latex

Leather and latex are my favorite material but actually everything that 
is tight, shiny or encapsulating creates a kind of excitement to me. So 
in addition to leather or latex, you'll find in my closet neoprene suits 
or clothes, zentai suits, nylon sportswear, vinyl or PVC gears.


Leather / Latex / Zentai /

Neoprene / Vinyl

Leather to me is synonym of power, authority and dominance. The feel of 
a leather glove on the mouth of a sub is extremely erotic. A leather 
outfit, a military cap, tall boots and trust me subs are not asking me 
to repeat an order twice. Of course, I'm playing with it. And the 
noise... OMG did you already hear leather cracking? So hot!!!

Latex is extremely sexy, the feeling on my skin, feeling like the 
garment is glued on my own skin. Latex is my favorite material for 
removing humanity. Becoming a black figure totally anonymized under a 
hood, it's shiny, it's sexy and let me play with all parts of a sub's body.