Restraining you, blocking your senses, removing your freedom of movement and controlling your body is one of my biggest turn on. I have collected tons of gear and equipment to do this over the years.


From total power exchange, to ponyplay. Balancing pain and pleasure or creating pleasure out of pain, if you like that of course. Or maybe you're simply looking for a key holder...


When it's done well, humiliation is a powerful tool. I know a lot of you like it. Keeping you in a cage, forcing you to wear a collar, verbally or physically humiliating you, but don't worry, I will always keep in mind who you are, and even I can push it far, I will never put your mental or physical safety at risk


I love petplay, Pups and ponies are so cool to play with. But maybe you prefer being a teenager school boy, or an little one? Of course if you're naughty a jail time could also be requested...