So, you'll find a fuck/bondage room with the bondage chair and 

bondage bench and a small clinic corner. A bedroom with the amazing bondage bed on top of a huge cage. A suspension room, 2 closets and shower room, a small kitchen and the huge room with different areas.

In the storage room you'll find the photo and video studio, the cages with bondage tables, the impact zone with the cross and the bench, the lounge area to relax and drink something, the cell, the ball pit and the second bed when I have visitors staying overnight.


Since 2011 I'm used to own a playroom. It started in Switzerland when I decided to rent a space out of the house to be able to play anytime I wanted without interfering with my partner.

I was used to play with guys coming from far away (yeah, Switzerland is not full of

fetishists) and I wanted to enjoy them as much as possible for the few days they were there.


United Kingdon



You'll find in the DESIGNER section the pictures of the previous spaces I've created. And here you will discover the space I'm using now.

Located at 30 miles from Manchester city center, the space is a 2300 sqf  warehouse divided in 2 different types of space. A part was partitioned in rooms and kitchen when the half of it was left as a storage area.  Since I run a fetish and kinky business I decided to create a space I'll enjoy for working and playing and as I own slaves/subs and pups I thought that getting my office and playroom in the same space could be cool.