So in the dungeon I've set up a treadmill for pony and puppy walking training, a small and simple gym utility for keeping drone and gimp in shape and I'm thinking to create an ABDL corner.

It should also be possible to get a training outside or be used as urinal in a public event I'll host.


Contact me if you have any question or requirement.


What is sexier than a sub covered head to too in latex with an anonymous face?

Maybe a rubber pony ?  So here, I regroup dehumanization and objectification because for me it's almost the same, it's just one step further.



So transforming a sub into a latex gimp, a pony, a pup, a drone or a little is definitely something I'll be up too.

Esthetic is very important for me and I always pay attention to details and create  something nice that it will be fun to watch later. The next step is now  to transform the sub into a piece of art, a decoration, an object as a urinal or glass holder



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