I will only humiliate a sub that is turn out by it. Humiliation needs a consent and the Dominant will always keep in mind the protection and integrity of the sub.

The dungeon is fully equipped for recording and publishing videos, that  means that on request a session can always be published online and a sub 
exposed. Public sessions are also something I like to do.


Erotic humiliation is a consensual physical or psychological 
humiliation. It could be done in private or in public to produce an 
erotic excitement or sexual arousal. Humiliation can help a sub to get 
into the mind space. I will only use humiliation with people that are 
clearly into it. The level and the other stimulation added will always 
depend of the level of experience of the sub.



In order to humiliate a sub, a lot of tools can be used. It could be a verbal degradation, insults, abuse, setting up stupid rules as routine.  It could be physical, it could be achieve with dress code or exposing a sub in public or online.



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